A generation in motion

As smartphones became our digital tool of choice, Apps, both native and web-based, have become one of the most effective tools to deliver digital services, experiences, content, and customer loyalty.
I have enjoyed the opportunity of working with wonderful clients in the design, both UX and UI, of multiple Apps...


Local ePay

Rewarding Local

Local ePay provides local businesses with a versatile platform to reward customers' loyalty. In collaboration with the Local E team, we developed a user friendly and empathic App that simultaneously supports local business visibility and a rewarding mobile payment platform where to earn and spent 'eCoins'.

In addition to the UI-UX design of the App the project included branding, illustration, website, and video.


My Daemon

HBO - His Dark Materials

'My Daemon' App brings the world of 'His Dark Materials' daemons (animals) into our everyday lives. Daily activity trackers to improve our wellbeing supported by a growing relationship with our digital companions as part of HBO's promotional initiatives for the second season of the show.

Confer With

Live video shopping that converts

We embarked with the 'Confer With' team on the wonderful journey of creating an innovative tool to close the empathy gap between e-commerce and main-street shop experiences through a live video and rich interactive platform specially created with retail experts and customers in mind.

In addition to the UI-UX design of the App the project included branding, illustration, website, and video.

iPhone X01.jpg


A more efficient and cost-effective standardized solution for the setup, administration, implementation, data collection, and processing of digital questionnaries for clinical trials and medical research.



In a highly competitive environment, Costa needed a simpler and more engaging loyalty program. We created a fresher, more playful, intuitive, and rewarding Costa Coffee Club. Delivered by a new App, and supported by a launch campaign and an ecosystem of social playful initiatives.
Now being tested at Costa's Polish branches.




Biometrics and mood tracker as part of OSTC's ZISHI professional development e-learning platform. The App design focused on creating a seamless, positive experience allowing to collect advanced data and to provide insights into physical and psychological performance.



We worked for Vype designing the look&feel for the companion App for their new line of wirelessly connected vipers. We developed an intuitive user-centred design, but also, a digital extension of the character of their physical products. Matching the personality of the models across their silver, white and black lines.


Pay Abroad

Travel payments made simple

Proof of concept designs for mobile payments App for travellers. The UX design for this App focused on the creation of an intuitive, quick to use interface, supported by a UI that built into the brand proposition of the enjoyment of travelling.