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Local eCoin

NATIVE APP (now renaimed as Burdi)

Small local businesses face tough challenges nowadays, but there is a growing interest within communities for keeping services personal and friendly. Local eCoin provides local businesses with a versatile platform to reward customers' loyalty. The users of the service collect eCoins with each purchase and later redeem them at any of the businesses taking part in the program. 

Product design, UX, UI, branding, motion graphics, Art & Design direction 

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Service Design


Before starting the process of wireframing, design, prototyping and testing Local E new App, we worked together in establishing the App architecture, flow and content. This analysis resulted in the technical definitions of the onboarding process and the functional sections of the platform, critically important the payment-rewards mechanics based on the product commercial vision and objectives.  



The on-boarding process facilitates easy access using users with existing social accounts or creating one. Additionally, provides a two-layer authentication as well as a straightforward setup of the payment method and geolocation.


The App main navigation contains four distinctive sections in addition to the payment functionality. The 'Home' and 'Search" section allows users to browse through the business on the program filtered by proximity, relevance and offered rewards. Each business has it's own dedicated space with detailed, useful information.


The wallet holds the Local eCoins earned by the customer, as well as transactions history and expiration dates.


Participants of the program pay at local businesses using the App and earn eCoins on each transaction.

eCOINS can be later used to pay in part or in full for services and products at the participating business. 

The interface makes it simple to combine card payments and eCoins in an effortless and rewarding transaction.


The profile section of the App allows for full control of all users' information and preferences including payment methods, favourite locations, and permissions. Is also a channel of communication with our services, including updates and personalized offers. 

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