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Digital Patient-Reported Outcomes App.
This project pursuit the creation of a platform that will allow a more efficient and cost-effective standardized solution for the setup, administration, implementation, data collection, and processing of digital questionnaires for clinical trials and medical research that simultaneously encourage participants engagement and improves the quality and access to the collected data. 

Product Design, UX, UI

Experience & Service Design
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Patient-reported outcomes (PROs) are used as part of clinical trials to assess the impact of disease and treatment on patients health. By monitoring parameters such as quality of life and symptoms, patient-centred data can be used to help treatment decisions, support pharmaceutical labelling claims, and influence healthcare policies. 


Digital PROs (ePROs) make self-reporting simpler, with faster completion time, better support, reduced completion errors, alerts, and more accomodating to patients lifestyles increasing the overall participants' compliance.

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This project pursuits the creation of a platform that puts patients first by providing a hassle-free tool for collecting PROs as part of clinical trials.

The architecture of the platform is intended for scalability and cost-effectiveness, with both pre-set and custom-made questionnaires that can be easily configured with the help of an intuitive interface, as well as effectively managed using multi-admin profiles with specific prerogatives.

Patients self-reporting Low Fidelity UX wireframes and UI

The design of the patients self-reporting interface is especially attentive of delivering maximum clarity and simplicity, with minimum effort and data inaccuracy.

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App UI
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