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Biometrics and mood tracker as part of OSTC's ZISHI professional development e-learning platform. The App design focused on creating a seamless, positive experience allowing the collection of advanced data and providing insights into physical and psychological performance.

Product Design, UX, UI, Art & Design direction



Mental and physical health are fundamentally linked. It works in both ways and, of course, it significantly impacts our professional and intellectual performance.
By achieving our best physical and emotional balance we can become better traders, and in general, improve our professional performance. There are multiple approaches to support this equilibrium; one important step is to track our physical and mental performance. 


A plethora of  'poplar' devices connected to Apps track HRV, Sleep patterns and Activity levels. For most of them, information retrieval takes place automatically with different levels of precision. We are about to add an extra element, emotion. Adding a mood tracker to our App stretches the reach of our understanding of the symbiotic relationship between body and mind to better inform the progression in the use of physical and mental performance techniques as part of an interactive e-learning platform.


The App is divided into three
colour-coded main sections: Dashboard, Check-In and Profile.


Sign In & Dashboard

The Dashboard allows for quick access to daily records as well as historic data.


The Check-in section allows users to input daily data such as HRV readings and Mood tracking as well as confirmation of recorded sleep and activity data.  


Mood tracker

Daily questionaries allow users to track and score their emotional performance on daily bases.


At this section, users can update their information and preferences as well as submit feedback.



The App works in conjunction with an easy setup Bluetooth polar device.

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