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Extending App design into product personality.
We worked for Vype designing the look&feel for the companion App for their new line of wirelessly connected vipers. We developed an intuitive user-centred design, but also, a digital extension of the character of their physical products. Matching the personality of the models across their silver, white, and black lines.

Creative Strategist, Product Design, UX, UI, Art & Design direction


Vype, as a premium product, coexists with others in its category like no other e-cigarette before. Consequently, its design is reflective of those common aesthetic values, and so should be its companion App.

Design Studies

We also wanted the companion App not just to be a functional extension of the product but very much part of it, so the design takes from the material colour and texture of its three models.

VYPE-Artboard 1.jpg
Visual Design
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