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Coffee Club


A new, more rewarding, Costa loyalty program. Re-introducing Costa Coffee Club.
In a highly competitive environment, Costa needed a simpler and more engaging loyalty program. We created a fresher, more playful, intuitive, and rewarding Costa Coffee Club. Delivered by a new App, and supported by a launch campaign and an ecosystem of social playful initiatives rolled out for testing at Costa's Polish branches.

Creative Strategist, Product Designer, UX, UI

Service & Experienc Design

The challenge

Value Exchange

Heuristic analysis and interviews revealed that, while Costa ranks high in the perceived quality of its products and in-store experience, it lags behind the value for money of its loyalty program. Beyond the transaction exchange value, Costa's complex points system was confusing for customers.


The takeaways

What the customers want and the brand needs




Quality, price and convenience are key factors modelling consumer behaviours, particularly for takeaway coffee. 
Loyalty exchanges are powerful commodities balancing customers' choice. Costa needs a more rewarding programme. 

It is not enough to offer good value on the loyalty exchange. The perception of it and the simplicity in accessing the benefits are key for success.
Costa needs a simpler, more intuitive model.

A great loyalty programme goes beyond individual customers' satisfaction and into building brand equity and promoting word of mouth of the brand quality and value.

The Solution

A better, simpler Costa Coffee Club

The new program will not just improve its value exchange but will be more intuitive, memorable and emphatic.


Our new currency

The coffee bean. Small but mighty. Full of flavour and aroma, as well as history and passion. The natural choice for Costa Coffee Club’s currency, Costa Beans. 

Collect Costa Beans every time you buy a drink, and every 14 beans we’ll reward you with a delicious free drink of your choice. The program mechanic, validated by focus group sessions is simpler and more rewarding. We now have an intuitive three steps rewards collection user journey and a self-explanatory “how-to" guide.

The App

At the heart of the new program is our new App, which is, above all, Simple, more Playful and Rewarding.

As well as collecting Costa Beans, the app becomes a hub for social engagement, introducing features like Costa O’Clock where in addition to receiving an extra Costa Bean, customers may also play for a Golden Bean that will complete all the remaining Costa Beans needed to redeem a free drink.


We have a new App and a new mechanism, the splash page explains how it works.




Collecting and redeeming Costa Beans became more intuitive and rewarding, but also more playful.

The Costa Beans bounce-free inside the screen, lively inviting customers to enjoy drinking us.


The profile section allows customers to configure their details, costa cards, payment methods, and access transactions history.

Costa O'clock

Costa is a friendly and playful brand. We are creating Costa O'clock to spread joy for great coffee and our special appreciation for our regular customers.

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