In the pathway to Caterpillar’s construction equipment electrification, this project explored the core service design architecture and user experience for a battery-as-a-service subscription platform.

The development included most aspects of the product cycle, from scoping and purchase completion, to subscription management, and pre and post-sales communications.

Product Lead Design, UX, UI

As a lead product and experience designer for the project, I had the privilege to deliver with the Cognizant team and CAT teams across the core aspects of the service design, user journey, as well as the UX, UI and high-fidelity prototype for the end-users service portal.

The project served as a base for defining and testing the product feasibility, as well as, the integration of the front-end experience with the SalesForce technology-powered backend.

The design and development included all the milestones involved on the user’s journeys for both, its end-customers website and back-office platform. Among them, its quoting tool, subscription management dashboard, service and technical support, and supporting information for prospect subscribers.

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The Retail Expert

The retail experts using the App need useful and relevant information to support their selling efforts. They'll have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the App interface before using it to confer with customers. Despite that, they will need to retain a state of high mental awareness due to the many factors involved (listed below) in the interaction will require for the interface to be highly expedited.

  • Dialoguing with the customer.

  • Evaluating the customer’s reactions.

  • Controlling camera image.

  • Identifying and sharing related information available (galleries, related products, alternative products...)

  • Minding the physical environment where they are operating if broadcasting from the store floor.

  • Evaluating the time dedicated to the conversation and managing availability

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The Customer

At first, customers may interact with the App without previous experience. Due to that, ConferWith interface is:

  • Simple and intuitive to use.

  • Provide a sense of safety, transparency and control. 

  • Provides appropriate visualization of both, the video feed and the collateral information.

Demographically, the potential users of the platform are highly heterogeneous, with no particular idiosyncratic or early characterization beyond those ones intrinsically related to the type of products/services or specific online stores audiences.




This research focused on the validation of the challenge-opportunity to be fulfilled by ConferWith. 

Findings included that while over a quarter of retail sales by value are made online over 50% of consumers eventually abandon e-commerce sites if choosing is too difficult....and that, while multiple existing services were facilitating more personal online shopping experiences they felt short in supporting retail experts interaction with customers.


By the hand of retail expert Dan Gardner, and supported by surveys, a full breakdown of desired functionalities was mapped and hierarchically structured.


These functional definitions established the foundations for the MVP product architecture, from voice and video chat and into access, administration, product information, collaterals and virtual basket management.

The features were next incorporated as part of user journeys scenarios to map user flows and further define personas and users types of the platform.


One key competitive advantage for ConferWith is its capacity to fully integrate with the host e-commerce platform, consuming data from Shopify, Magento and others in order to provide live information for the retail experts to share with customers or to guide their presentation of products. Additionally, ConferWith allows in-App addition of products to a visual basket for which the App requires to manage live inventory and product variations.

All those requisites determined by the features mapping for MVP were
validated as technically feasible functionalities in close liaison with the development team.