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In the pathway to Caterpillar’s construction equipment electrification, this project explored the core Service Design architecture, UX, UI, visual design, Design System, and Prototyping for a battery-as-a-service subscription platform.

The development included most aspects of the product cycle, from scoping and purchase completion to subscription management, and pre and post-sales communications.

Product Design Lead, Service Design, UX & UI

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  • Design, Prototype and Test a service platform to smooth the transition from traditional to electric-powered CAT construction machinery through out subscription battery replacement service.

  • Validate integration with SalesForce technology-powered backend.

  • Explore the full life-cycle of the, from scoping and purchase completion to subscription management, and pre and post-sales communications.


As a lead product designer for the project, I had the privilege to deliver, together with the Cognizant and CAT teams, the core aspects of the service design & user journeys,  UX, UI and prototype for the end-users service portal.


The project also served as a base for defining and testing the product feasibility, as well as, the integration of the front-end experience with the SalesForce technology-powered backend.

Key Personas, Service Design, User Journeys, and Salesforce integration


As part of the research and discovery process, key aspects of the motivational and behavioural aspects of the key personas were explored and validated through surveys and interviews.

The design and development also included all milestones involved in the user’s journeys for both, its end-customer's website and 'Salesforce' back-office platform. Among them:

  • Public site

  • Quoting tool

  • Subscription management

  • Communications

  • Orders

  • Service and technical support

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End customer

End customers may include Rental Houses and Fleet managers for small and big construction and engineering organisations alike.

  • Interested in getting a Battery Subscription service for some new machines. He knows the needs of the site project but is new to electrical machines.

  • Will go to the website to learn more and answer some questions to get a quote.

  • Will then accept it and keep checking back for updates on the order/delivery

  • Later in the project, Joe will look to make a change to his subscription tier.

  • Joe will also encounter an issue with the battery and will look for help to resolve it.

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Dealers are dedicated CAT representatives with in-depth knowledge of Caterpillar's products and end- customers' specific requirements.

For them, Electrification and BaaS solutions bring the opportunity to expand market share and generate new revenue streams.

  • As a downside end-customers looking for migrating to electric-powered equipment do represent a fly risk.

  • He will have a primary relationship with Joe

  • Presenting Joe with the quote based on the guided sell inputs

  • Will require approval from Sally on certain occasions

UX & UI Design

To deliver a quick, yet comprehensive prototype, we create a Design Atoms System from which to build and explore UX solutions while simultaneously creating the UI designs for the platform.


Service Design - Salesforce Integration

The front end user experience seemingly integrated to the backend administration delivered by Salesforce.

Design System


User's Testing

Due to the relative technical complexity of the service, a set of guided tests with the use of the low fidelity prototype was designed in order to validate the general service design solution, the intuition of the user experience, as well as to evaluate the best of different UX approaches to some fundamental interactions.

Vidual Design

Visual Design

Under the Caterpillar umbrella, the visual design and identity for the service was intended as a warm and friendly invitation into a better future, procuring both, the perception of simplicity and confidence in the service, and the joy of being part of the industry transformation.

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