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Ponte Finance


Ponte finance developed a platform to facilitate a faster access to financial liquidity during the inheritance process by providing speedy access to unsecured loans in anticipation to the completion of the inheritance. We designed a self-serving online tool to provide with loan options through a seamless user experience, with a low cognitive effort, clarity and simplicity of information.

Product Design, UX, UI, branding


Low fidelity Prototypes

Experience Design

Low fidelity Prototypes

The Challenge

At an especially difficult time in people’s lives, we would like to provide our customers with all the necessary support to reduce the pressure and stress of complex and lengthy probate processes as well as the financial distress associated with personal losses. 

As part of it, quick loans in anticipation of the inheritance completion can ease some of the stress associated with the financial circumstances frequently associated to this difficult event of life.

The Solution

In special consideration to the circumstances of use we pursued and delivered a highly intuitive interaction design and user experience, while simultaneously including an appropriate security layer. By optimising the use of a securitisation base on mobile number confirmation we extended the use of that conveniently memorable data point into a mechanism to facilitate information recovery, follow up and retrieve of loan offers.

In order to provide appropriate loan options, the design of the experience drives the user through a questionnaire to retrieve all the necessary information deconstructed in clear steps and guided by simplicity. 



Ponte's public website was designed to be both, the gateway for its loan quoting tool, as well as a portal to support customers and partners regarding their related services.

Public Website
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