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We are all
brand makers

Great brands speak of our values, project us into the future and, more importantly, imprint the imagination of our audiences. 
Together with creating a product, a service, a movement, the making of its brand frequently define the single more important milestone for their success. A brand, of course, is not just a logo or a colour palette, "The Brand" is the matured manifestation of the character and vision of any organization.

Brands are as much about consistency as they are about evolution. Branding is the exercise of understanding who you are and where you stand, where you want to go and how to get there, who is with you for the journey and whom you wish to meet next. 


Potential Unbound

After sustained years of growth, the OSTC group embarked in a new expansion of its footprint and services.
To support the next steps in the evolution of the company, we developed a new brand identity and brand book, website, marketing materials and a new App to deliver on its vision and business plans.



The best possible city for all

VU.CITY has matured into a leading platform supporting the development of smarter cities. Serving thousands of users by facilitating an effective and seamless evaluation of their architectural and urban design in high fidelity and versatile 3D environment.

Whit this new branding and guidelines VU.CITY will amplify the impact of its communications across all strategic touchpoints. Broadening the reach of our brand, visual identity and tone of voice, to educate, inform and progress in our vision of creating the best possible city for all.

Confer With

Live video shopping that converts

We embarked with the Confer With team on the wonderful journey of simultaneously building a brand and a product. Creating an expressive and charismatic brand for an innovative and empathic company and platform.


Local eCoin

Rewarding Local

eCoin provides local businesses with a versatile platform to reward customers'  loyalty. We created a playful and friendly visual identity and illustration for the brand and the App. Once again, we had the opportunity to work holistically with our clients creating together both the product (UX.UI), the brand, website and promotional introductory video)


In search of incredible

Working with ASUS European team we created a new brand identity system and a wide range of inspirational references and toolkit in the pursuit of archiving high-level communication consistency, visually and tonally, across all media and lines of products. 


Ponte Finance

Unlocking Legacies

We created a brand that feels, and emotionally conveys, Ponte's values as a helpful, friendly, and honest partner.
A brand and its ambasador website that's both, emphatic and memorable. 

FAArtboard 3.jpg

The FA

Kids App 

A new programme to encourage kids into the practice of football and support their physical, intellectual and psychological development.

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