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Mimecast's Analysis and Response Centre (ARC) streamlines access to data and analysis of security detections generated by its Email Protection engines. As the lead designer on the project, I spearheaded the evolution of this feature, transforming it into a robust and versatile tool enhanced with comprehensive data visualization capabilities tailored for security analysts and network administrators trough an evolved Service Design, UX, and UI, while maturing its Design System.

Senior Product Designer, UX & UI

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  • Facilitate network admins and security analysts to scrutinize the cybersecurity detections triggered by Mimecast's detection engines.

  • Interrogate the specific details related to the security actions taken over specific emails for specific recipients.

  • Surface data related to the security detections of specific users and groups of users moderated by the platform.

  • Provide insights into the securitization policies triggered towards improving their configuration.


Collaborating closely with data science specialists and technical project owners, I designed the information architecture, UX, and UI of the evolved Analysis and Response Centre. This intricate framework captures a wealth of valuable data to facilitate IT Admins and Security Analysts in the optimization of their organization's email protection.


It seamlessly spans multiple interconnected sections, incorporating analysis and comparison tools in an intuitive yet robust system of data visualizations, ensuring accessibility and depth in understanding.


The Analysis and Response Center is designed as a robust and comprehensive tool, adept at showcasing and categorizing information, analyzing threats, and presenting system behaviors in diverse ways. Its purpose is to enhance users' ability to identify vulnerabilities and optimize email security protection for their organization. In collaboration with technical experts, we shaped the foundational information architecture for our ambitious and ever-evolving service design.



The service and user experience design is informed by harvesting insights from current platform users. Through a thorough examination of their expectations, we define compelling, relevant, and achievable user stories.

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IT Admin

As an IT administrator responsible for overseeing email security within our organization, I want to efficiently manage and monitor our mail security software through an intuitive and informative dashboard. This will enable me to proactively identify and address potential threats, ensuring the safety of our organization's communication channels.


Acceptance Criteria:

  1. The dashboard should provide a clear overview of our email security status, including real-time threat detection and historical data.

  2. The dashboard should offer detailed logs and reports, allowing me to investigate incidents and generate compliance reports.

  3. Notifications and alerts should be prominently displayed, enabling me to respond swiftly to critical security events.

  4. The user interface should be user-friendly, with intuitive navigation and clear labelling of functions.

  5. I expect to keep updated regarding the latest risk analysis.

  6. Should meet the demands of a busy IT admin managing a large volume of emails...

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Security Analyst

As an IT security analyst tasked with maintaining the highest level of email security for our organization, I need a robust and insightful dashboard within our mail security software. This dashboard should provide me with advanced analytics, threat intelligence, and investigation tools to promptly detect and respond to emerging email threats.


Acceptance Criteria:

  1. The dashboard should present in-depth analytics on email detections paterns, and trends.

  2. It should offer threat intelligence feeds and real-time updates on the latest email security threats, enabling me to stay ahead of emerging risks.

  3. The ability to create and fine-tune advanced threat detection rules and policies .

  4. The dashboard should provide detailed forensic capabilities, allowing me to trace and investigate the source and impact of email-based security incidents.

  5. Integration with threat intelligence platforms and other security tools should be supported for a holistic view of the threat landscape...


The user experience and interaction designs were meticulously crafted to simultaneously cater to both legacy users and new customers, avoiding alienation, and providing a more intuitive interface with reduced cognitive workload. This ensures seamless analysis of the increased volume and complexity of information.

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Design System

The project was created with scalability in mind, facilitating the use of atoms and molecules from its design components to become part of the product design system and facilitating a seamless expansion of its features into other sections of the platform.

User Testing

User's Testing

Considering the technical complexity and volume of information that surfaced, a set of guided tests with the use of a high fidelity prototype was designed to validate the general service design solution, the intuition of the user experience, as well as the proposed content design.

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