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This winning pitch explored strategic brand approaches based on two key principles:



A new programme to encourage kids into the practice of football and support their physical, intellectual and psychological development.

The 5 to 11-year-old mind is active and rapidly evolving. Within this age range, kids’ cognitive perception evolves from simplicity to an increased capacity to perceive complex colours, to interact with complex interfaces, greater perception of details, more complex socialization and intellectual analysis.

Design Director


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Welcoming, suggestive and playful.
Presenting kids with a universe they want to be a part of. Use of primary and tertiary colors, shapes, and characters that encompass vitality and trigger the imagination, while also getting kids to empathize with the character.

Simple and highly intuitive.
Easy to understand and navigate, avoiding any frustration due to difficulties interpreting and learning how to use the app. Applying colors, shapes, and illustrations to create distinctive visual hierarchies and straightforward recognition of each function.

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