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Selected Projects
Ge In Touch


  • UX & UI
    Holistic Analysis, User Experience, User Journeys, Interaction Design, Consultancy, Service Design, Wireframes, Prototypes, Design Systems, Motion-graphics, Testing... Native and Web Apps, Websites and Experiential...

  • Experience & Service Design
    Holistically connecting end-users journeys with the business organization's technical and operational requirements.

  • Design Direction
    Define and manage design workflow and resources. Agile methodology. Team building.

  • UX Research
    Personas, User stories, Product proposition, Interviews, Competitive Analysis. Requirements mapping, Opportunities, risks, and goal analysis...

  • Branding & Marketing
    Research (market, audiences, trends...), Definition (vision, values, promise...), Design (identity, visual personality, brand guidelines...).
    Marketing campaigns design and art direction...

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