Confer With


'Confer With' provides retailers with a live stream and advanced tools to bridge the empathy gap of traditional e-commerce experiences.

As part of a wonderful collaboration with the 'Confer With' team, I had the opportunity to be part, from the outset, of the full
product, marketing, and brand designs. Together, we explored user journeys, personas, and defined the user experience (UX) flow and wireframes and the user interface design (UI) for this novel product.

Branding,  UX, UI , motion-graphics, Art & Design Direction


Confer With web application UX flows through two parallel simultaneous users. On one side. the retail expert and at the other end the customer interface.

While retail experts can access sales support information through a dedicated navigation bar, both interfaces share a common environment, from information display and communications.


To ensure efficient customisation and scalability the App the design is architecture around a universal UI design system library of visual assets, styles and functionalities.


Customers Access

Confer With was created to seemingly integrate with our customer's websites inclusive of allowing for visual customization to match their branding and user's flow through controlling background and icon colours, photos, messages and actions. For a bespoke configuration, the CTA can be presented in different layouts for different levels of awareness.


Retail Expert Access

As customers request to confer with one of the retails experts, those can monitor incoming requests and related information such as location and connect to start the conversation.

Immerse shopping

Retail  have access to a a set of tools that provide them with the resources to offer a highly personalized experience increasing customers satisfaction and sales completion.

Virtual shopping basket

As the retail expert, and the customer, explore products and options together, they both can add them to a virtual shopping basket which can be uploaded into the website main shopping cart at any time, ready to complete the purchase.